The Van Nationals has been the premier van event the world over for four and a half decades. The original host of the National Truck-in , Rocky Mountain Vans of Denver, determined after the first event that the truck-in should be run by a different club every year thus putting the event in a different location which makes for a uniquely different adventure every year. Attendance in the seventies was as high as 6,000 vans at one time. Vanning is not the huge nationwide subculture of adventuring escapists that it once was but the event still pulls 600 plus vans. That's a lot of vans in one place for five days of hanging loose. 

 For most vanners this event is the biggest event of their year. It is a family reunion for our vannin' family. Many save their entire year's worth of vacation to attend the Nats. It is a massive undertaking that requires many hands all of them volunteer to put on this event making it a truly grass roots initiative just as it was in the seventies. The show n shine brings out the years top honors for show trucks, the vans bring out the vanners , and the community itself brings out the best in us. We hope you'll join us for 49 years of tradition as we travel across the nation to relax, eat together, celebrate another year together, and have the best possible time you can have on 4 wheels. Cause If you ain't a vanner you ain't shit.