Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Your puppy is welcome at our event but we ask that please keep Cujo on a leash. Also we ask that you clean up after your dog.

Can I come without a van?

No. You must come in a van. If you have to drive your car then have someone from your van club pick you up outside the gate. You will have to pay the extra person fee.

What is parking like?

Parking/camping is wide open. Set up camp wherever you'd like. Camp by yourself or with your whole club. We don't care. Just find an open spot and set up shop.

Is the event open to the public?

No. You must drive a van to the event and pay the entry fee to attend. No public walk-ins.

Should I expect rain?

Always. Bring clothes for hot, dry, cold, wet, and anything in between. We've seen it all. Be prepared.

What ammenities will be on site?

There are flush toilets, hot showers, porta johns, food vendors, ice sales, and a headquarters to help you find anything else you might think you need.

Can I come early?

You can arrive as early as Monday July 10, 2022 Event entry begins Wed. July 20, 2022. Anyone wanting to come earlier must be pre-entered. We will not be taking event entries at the gate until July 20, at 10AM. We made arrangements with the fairgrounds for early camping. The camping fee is for the fairgrounds. We will be on the grounds early to set up, build the Burn Van, and any art displayes we need to install.

Where do I get information on vending?

Amy Hale 419-610-6296

My club wants to host a raffle when & where do we sign up?

You can register raffles at headquarters Starting Wednesday the 20th. We will not be announcing raffles during the trophy presentation. This has been met with a great deal of disdain over the years and will be avoided at all costs. Winning tickets will be posted at headquarters by 2:00 pm on Saturday.

Are fires permitted at my campsite?

It's going to be a game-time decision based on the weather leading up to the event. If the county issues a dry warning - then no fires will be permitted. If there's rain leading up to the event, then contained pit fires will be OK. Keep an eye on the weather and if it's dry - you should probably pack less firewood and more food & beverages. If fires are permitted they have to be in a fire ring or fire pit.

Can I rip around on a scooter or go kart?

The short answer is NO. Van Go-Karts are OK, but motorized scooters and other non-van motorized vehicles are NOT permitted to be cruising around the fairgrounds. If you have a scooter/motorbike packed, that's OK for use OUTSIDE of the fairgrounds assuming it's street legal. The SLUT Bus is a 'public transportation' that travels a loop throughout the fairgrounds. You can hop on/off and get around pretty easily like this. And be entertained the whole time by all the sights & sounds everywhere around. You may bring a golf cart or you may rent a golf cart thru us, assuming we can get a vendor to rent us carts. So far we have not been able to find a vendor willing to rent us carts. They site a shortage of carts, and not being able to get new ones, as the reason. Info on rental carts will be posted as soon as we find a vendor.. Bicycles/skateboards/non-motorized scooters are a great way to get around inside the fairgrounds.

Is my vehicle allowed in the show?

Not every vehicle is allowed into the show. Below is a list of vehicles and a "yes" or "no" next to it indicating whether it is allowed in the shaow as a van. These are allowed: Ambulance/Van (not Cube) - Yes Ford Transit (all), Windstar, Freestar Aerostar- Yes VW- Yes Sprinter (all)- Yes MPV- Yes Mercury Villager, Monterey- Yes Nissan Quest- Yes Vantage Van-go- Yes Dodge, Tradesman, Sportsman, Safari- Yes Chevy Van, Lumina, Venture, Savanna- Yes Dodge, Caravan (all), Voyager- Yes Chevy Express, Astro ,Beauville- Yes Hand Built box/mutant Vans chassis- Yes Gypsy - Yes HHR Panel- Yes GMC Van- Yes Toyota Sienna, Hi Ave- Yes Rally- Yes Honda Odyssey- Yes Nomad (not the car)- Yes Econoline- Yes Chang An Tiger Truck- Yes Step vans- Yes These are not allowed: Hearse/Sedan Delivery - No Van up- No Cube Van (ambulance)- No Class “C”- No Transvan- No PT Cruiser- No HHR Window - No

Can I rent a private porta-john?

Yes, We will have some porta johns available for private rental. Info will be posted here and the blog page when it comes available.