Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Monday, July 22nd:
10am Open Gates after staging across the street, register prior to gate opening.

Tuesday, July 23rd:
10am Bernardston Junk Yard Trip
11am Distillery & Covered Bridge Tour (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday, July 24th:
10am Open Gates/Opening Ceremony
10am-1pm Kids Activity Center open
Noon-6pm Headquarters open
1pm-4pm Band: Marc Levesque (acoustic classic rock)
4pm Vanner Jeopardy Round 1, Hosted by EZ Vanners (inside band building)
6pm Vanners Nght-In: BBQ catered by BT’s Smokehouse – VOTED BEST BBQ IN MASSACHUSETTS!
$15/person payable by PayPal or mail a check payable to New England Van Council, Inc., 329 Wildwood Avenue, Worcester, MA 01603
7pm Band: Cover2Cover
11pm+ Off to the Races, Hosted by EZ Vanners (Sleezy Bar)

Thursday, July 25th:
Show & Shine Classification
9am Swap Meet (on the Midway)
10am-6pm Headquarters open
10am-1pm Kids Activity Center open
10am Swap Meet
10am How to Judge a Van Show – hosted by the National Truck-In Board
11am Kids Games – ages 1-3, Hosted by Vagabond Vanners
Noon Kids Games – ages 4-6, Hosted by Loonie Toon Truckers
1pm Kids Games – ages 7-10, Hosted by Generation Brat
2pm Kids Games – ages 11-15, Hosted by Dysfunctional Vanners
1pm National Truck-In Board Open Meeting
3pm-6pm Games on the Midway
4pm Carnival Acts
5pm Vanner Jeopardy Round 2, Hosted by EZ Vanners (inside band building)
5:30pm National Truck-In Board Meet & Greet 
7pm Band: Future Heavies
11pm+ Vanner Jeopardy Finals, Hosted by EZ Vanners (inside band building)

Friday, July 26th:
9am Show & Shine Classification
10am-6pm Headquarters open
10am-1pm Kids Activity Center open
11am Show & Shine with Band: Marc Levesque (acoustic classic rock)
3pm-6pm Games on the Midway
4pm Carnival Acts
7pm Band: Savage Brothers
9pm F.A.N. Flip, Hosted by F.A.N. Vanners (outside band building)
9pm Bright & Shine on the Midway
11pm+ Shoot to Kill, Hosted by Salt City Vans

Saturday, July 27th:
10am-6pm Headquarters open
10am Horseshoes (2 person teams, bring a beer per person)
Noon-3pm Parade & Public Show (line up at gate, going to Greenfield Community College)
3pm-5pm Games on the Midway
5pm Trophy Presentation
7pm Band Smokin’ Mirrors
9pm (band break) Carnival Acts

Sunday, July 28th:
Thanks for Leaving! 


  1. Is it possible to get the Nats board meetings added to the schedule? Asking for a friend! LOL!

  2. So the Nationals board meeting is during the parade?!?!?!?! Seriously!!

  3. The public show/parade has been moved to Saturday. Van show within the fairgrounds is on Friday. I need to get this calendar updated.

  4. With enough interest can we get another bus for the distillery tour

    1. not at this point, cut off was in June to reserve a bus.

    2. The distilleries don't have much standing room, so another bus is not feasible.

  5. hay now how do I get vender

    1. I'm not sure I understand your question. A list of vendors is provided on a separate page on this website. If you want to be a vendor, contact Shannon at

  6. All deadlines have now passed. The bridge/distillery tour is sold out. The event guide has gone to print. Golf carts are sold out. Porta-johns are sold out. The only thing I am still accepting is money for vanners night in (Wednesday night). See above schedule for details.